Bokeh Photography Chips In!

Hello Everyone! As announced previously, Sports Unfiltered is featuring a guest post as part of the collaborative campaign to promote the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Bokeh Photography is a photography blog ran by Joshua Betancur.

Here’s a look into his most recent post!

“Hey everyone! Today’s screencast is my Final Project on photography. I have been taking for a little over a year now and feel like I have gotten the hang of how to use my camera and more specifically my lenses. At first it wasn’t easy and was actually very discouraging but with constant practice I was able to take full use of my camera.

Taking pictures has been very good for relieving stress and through uploading and sharing with my friends I have been able to express myself. Learning about EFF can prove to be good for many different reasons. You will learn about free expression, privacy tips for safe online usage, tech development, and so much more. I hope you enjoy this video and the pictures I was able to collect within a span of a few months.

This video is part of a collab with the EFF campaign I am doing with Malcolm Keith from Sneakers: A Brand New Man-Made Culture, Shafan Khan from Sports Unfiltered, and Claudia Martinez from RU Entertained. We have all been focused on creating content that expresses ourselves. Our non profit (Electronic Frontier Foundation) is constantly uploading content with the goal to inform users of their rights on the interwebs, so be sure to check them out!

You can always learn a thing or two from reading the articles posted on their site. Be sure to check them out and learn about the latest privacy issue online or even ways to express yourself if you are still a little unsure.

It is never too late to pick up a hobby or just start learning about something completely new. It can help cope with stress or even if you aren’t stressed, it can just be something you enjoy doing!

Anyway, thanks so much for all the support and make sure to check out my fellow teammates page and their videos!


Final Screencast

Hello Everyone! Thanks for tuning back to this post on Sports Unfiltered. Today my post focuses on the collaborative project i’ve been working on with Bokeh Photography, Sneaker Culture, and RU Entertained. Our blogs all found a foundation that brings our blogs together. Electronic Frontier Foundation, is a non-profit that protects the rights of people in the digital world.

For my last screencast, I explained what all my fellow collaborators blogs are about and how we came across this non-profit. After explaining their separate blogs, I went on to explain what the non-profit does more in depth.

For the final part of the screencast, I added some content to my post and explained what’s hot in sports. The NBA playoffs are in the second round and there have been amazing set of headlines. The NBA playoffs are filled with excitement, drama, and flat out entertainment. Sports are exhilarating, stay tuned for more posts as I give my personalized takes on the hottest news in sports!

Draymond Green and Kevin Durant Meme

Basketball meme

All Credit to: HoopMixtape

The meme I selected is of Draymond Green and Kevin Durant, who are players on the Golden State Warriors. The meme continues to gain popularity because it is incredibly relatable to the common person. The meme I selected is of two of the most prominent athletes in the NBA because my blog is all about the world of sports. The meme is relevant to my audience because from understanding my follower’s demographics and just the typical sports fan I realized it was something that would resonate well with them. A meme is an idea, behavior, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture. Memes rely on the mental processes of observation and learning, so the concepts that make them spreadable correlate directly to the way they make people feel. Richard Dawkins coined the term meme in 1976 and compared memes to genes. Just like genes, stronger memes tend to “reproduce” and “mutate.”

Memes are extremely commonplace in many areas of media. Television shows such as ESPN use memes almost on a daily basis in many of their segments. Memes can be used to bring attention to things because people are often enticed by some comedy. The use of memes in articles allows for the reader to visualize and make connections. Social media and memes go hand in hand because the ability to create a meme is available to most people. If you can create one that influences many people your meme will gain a lot of publicity. Retweets on Twitter are one of the ways memes often go viral. It’s no easy task to create a meme that will evoke emotion from people, but we all have the ability to. The meme I have chosen is user-made content because I first saw it when it was circulating Twitter. In the meme, Draymond Green is right next to Kevin Durant and is whispering in his ear. He was probably talking to him about something basketball related. But the meme perfectly depicts how as a child growing up you’d tend to ask your friend to ask your mom things for you. A situation like this is very familiar to most people, and thus the meme went viral because it was extremely relatable. The meme was promotional to an extent because social media users are always trying to gain a stronger following.

Update on Collaborative Campaign


Picture Credits:

Welcome Back! The collaborative project is off and running and has been making some great progress. My group and I have agreed on the direction we’d like to take with our collaboration. We decided how to split up duties for the project and the paper. Each member of the group has been assigned a different section to work on and then at the end, we will make sure it is cohesive and flows well. We plan on using various forms of media to help our followers understand the importance of our nonprofit organization the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Keep an eye out for our videos and posts!

The project continues to progress and we have been able to decide on a target audience. Which will be Internet users in general because of our non-profit deals with digital rights. Everyone on the Internet should know their rights and have someone be there to defend them in the digital world. The EFF does exactly that so learning about the nonprofit is something that should be important to anyone with access to the Internet. We have made quite a bit of progress on our papers as well where we address all the focal points of our nonprofit. Make sure to stay tuned for the in-depth posts and our coverage of the organization. Keep subscribing my fellow sports fanatics!

We plan on doing a lot in the upcoming projects! We have been using many forms of digital media to help organize our work. GroupMe was used initially to help all of us communicate efficiently. Everyone always has their phone with them so it’s important to have instant access to everyone. After we created the GroupMe, we went ahead and created a google document where we could all edit and share information at the same time. This allows for collaborative work to go very smoothly. We divided up our duties on the google doc and everyone went ahead and did their individual part of the project. Once everyone submitted their part, we went ahead and synthesized all of the material and finished the first draft of our paper.




Picture Credits:

Hello, Followers! Welcome back to Sports Unfiltered, hope you enjoyed my last post. I’m excited to inform you all about a collaborative campaign I will be doing with Josh Betancur, the author of, Malcolm Keith, author of, and Claudia Martinez, the author of . Definitely, take some time out to look at their great sites! Our websites cover different topics but they all share a common belief in the rights of people publishing content online. Our group will use podcasts, screencasts, and written posts to provide information about our nonprofit organization, the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation resides on the web at and their mission is to protect the civil liberties in the digital world. EFF focuses on user privacy, free expression, and innovation. The foundation is a great one that protects the rights of people and allows them to express themselves. Stay tuned for posts about the wonderful organization from my group and me. Visit to learn all about them and their great cause!

Sports Unfiltered Ep. 1

Software used to create this video:

  • Screencast-o-matic

Today is Wednesday, March 29th and the world of sports just had another crazy day!

All videos were attained from and all rights to videos is to ESPN.

I wanted to start off by introducing what i’d like to do with my site. We started off in the NBA, the OKC Thunder vs the Orlando Magic. Russell Westbrook has an all-time great performance, 57 points, 13 rebounds, 13 assists, 1 game-tying bucket, 1 win. Russell Westbrook scored the most points ever with a triple-double. He’s really making his case as the best player in the world.

Final Score: OKC Thunder 114 – Orlando Magic 106

Next we took it to the Boston Celtics vs the Milwaukee Bucks

The Celtics finally took the lead in the Eastern Conference, only to lose it a day later. The Bucks were propelled by phenom Giannis Antetokounpo and rookie Malcolm Brogdon (who also hit a clutch bucket to put the Bucks up 3.) Celtics fell short and are now the 2nd seed in the Eastern Conference.

Final Score: Boston Celtics 100 – Milwaukee Bucks 103

Lavar Ball that’s all I need to say. What a character. I find him to be really funny and his mentality to be very understanding in certain regards but definitely not all. I like that he oozes with confidence and that when he does make preposterous statements, he is kidding. He likes to mess around, and he’s creating a personality. Did you see the way he walked into First Take? Well here’s a funny video of it. Please take a look.

I finished off my mentioning what is going on with the greatest soccer player in the world, Lionel Messi who was recently suspended for 4 games because of comments he made towards the ref. From his statements, he says that it was not directed at the ref. I personally believe him because he seems like a good person. He looks like a little mouse.

The software I used was extremely helpful in creating this video. Screen-o-matic was a wonderful tool that let you easily adjust the dimensions of the video and capture just the right part of the screen. To prepare for this I went over all the top news in sports and pulled up videos and links and gave my own take on them.

Hope you enjoyed! Give me a follow, there’s more great content to come!

Podcast Intro

Audacity is a free and easy to use audio editing software that is available on most operating systems. I previously have worked with audio editing tools but never to the extent that I did with audacity. While I was making the podcast, the biggest problem I faced was not knowing where certain adjustment tools were located in the application. After I had found out where they were, I was able to navigate and create a clear-cut podcast.

Creating your own Podcast is easier than you think! Start off my downloading audacity for your device. During this time I scripted a catchy introduction and rehearsed it thoroughly. I used free music archive to find my background music which was my first audio file. I deleted the unnecessary parts of the file I did not need. Next, I used the recording feature on Audacity to record my introduction. I used music with a hip-hop vibe to really get my followers pumped. Next, I moved my recorded audio file in the center of the background music. After that, I made sure to fade in the first 5 seconds of music and fade out the last 5 seconds of music to incorporate a smooth transition between the two audios.

I find the ability to create audio and manipulate it as something that will definitely be of use to me in the future. I intend on building a tutoring company, so it will be an extremely useful tool if my clients are able to listen along when they have missed classes or lectures. It can also be useful for very common things like recordings of events or songs. I am glad I learned how to use Audacity because it is very helpful. Audacity is a wonderful editing software and is a great tool to be familiar with.




cropped-yankee_stadium_upper_deck_2010.jpgYankees Stadium was the site of the first sports match I ever watched. It nurtured my love for sports and is the reason why I was inspired to write a blog about them. The second image is one of the logos I found online to be the personal logo for my blog, Sports Unfiltered. I aimed to combine the two to create a brand for my blog. I tried to display my header as a picture where once you entered my website it would feel as though you were in an actual sports atmosphere.

The images I found were through Google advanced search, where I made sure to find pictures that were available for modifications and use. Once I found the pictures I used had made as my image editing software. I used Yankees Stadium as my background and the first layer, and then I used the “SU” logo as a second layer. I used free transform on the picture of Yankees stadium to have it meet the dimensions that were written on my blog (1280 x 426). After I made sure it looked clear, and the pixilation was proper, I used free transform for the logo to make sure it was the right size.

My images were sourced from Flickr, the picture of Yankees stadium came from and the logo I found is located at Both pictures indicated that they were available for share, attribution, remix and share alike.

The main intention was to create a sports atmosphere for the reader. I tried many different word searches to find pictures that would not leave anyone specific sport out. I kept searching for a picture that encompasses everything, but I was unsuccessful. I wanted to make sure followers of all sports felt as though they could read useful insights on what currently is going on in the sports world. I focused my attention more so on something that caught they eye of the reader and made them feel as if they’re in the experience. I closed my eyes and just thought of sports, and the picture that popped up in my head was of Yankees Stadium.

Sports Unfiltered

The global sports industry continues to grow and encompasses a wide array of different businesses within it. The 620 billion dollar industry has only gained strength and a larger following. My blog aims to dive into the industry and give my personal takes on all of the major sports news that is circulating around the world. Sometimes sportswriters usually leave out important information and personal views in their articles because of the fear of offending someone.

Sports Unfiltered will provide unfiltered and unbiased takes on the most prominent sports news. There is an overwhelming amount of people that are not the least bit interested in sports but if you look closely enough the amount of drama in sports is very similar to the amount of drama you’d find in something like a reality show or soap opera.

The world of sport encompasses many different fields within it; business, science, technology and politics all play their part in the sports market. Many stories don’t receive the amount of publicity they deserve. The ordinary person can find interest in the sports industry even if they are not actively involved in it.

The blog aims to exercise the right of free speech on all topics sports related. It will be portraying Skip Bayless -esque and Stephen A. Smith type takes on the hottest topics out. Pure, uncut, unfiltered, unbiased reviews from the lens of an ordinary and avid sports fan.

I’ve always thought of myself to be a credible voice when it comes to sports, and I enjoy doing research and staying up to date with the dynamic world of sports. I’ve always dreamed of creating a blog to talk about my passion and one of the first loves of my life, sports. I may be channeling my inner Bennett in some of my pieces, but I think that’s what the world really needs.






NBA: Finals-Oklahoma City Thunder at Miami Heat

Jun 21, 2012; Miami, FL, USA; ESPN reporters and tv personalities Stephen A. Smith (left) and Skip Bayless (right) prior to the start of game five in the 2012 NBA Finals between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Miami Heat at the American Airlines Arena. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports